BioWare has “Something Special” for FemShep in Mass Effect Trilogy

If you were hoping that BioWare and EA would be including an alternate cover of sorts sporting a female Shepard for the Mass Effect Trilogy like they did with the third installment, you’re going to be disappointed, as the redheaded beauty will be absent on the packaging.

That however, doesn’t mean there isn’t something special planned for the franchise’s leading lady, as Electronic Arts has promised us FemShep fans something special. When asked by fans on Twitter about the character’s absence on the box, EA replied:

Well, we’ve got a little something special planned for FemShep coming, so keep that chin up.

Not with the cover art. We’re doing something separate.

The Mass Effect Trilogy was announced by BioWare yesterday, and includes all three games in a single neat package. This also marks the first time that the original Mass Effect will be available on the PlayStation 3, as it was published by Microsoft when it was first released on the Xbox 360 five years ago.