MLB 12: The Show For PS3 and PS Vita Drop In Price, Game Predicts Orioles vs. Nationals In World Series

The annual baseball game from Sony, MLB 12: The Show, launched on March 6th for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. It was heavily publicized by Sony for its cross platform save functionality which allowed you to transfer data from one system to the other. Now, the games have seen a $10 price drop to $30 on the PS3 and $20 on the PS Vita, just in time for the beginning of the MLB playoffs.

Speaking of those playoffs, ESPN fully simulated them using MLB 12: The Show and here’s the round by round breakdown:

Division Series

  • Reds vs. Giants: Reds 3-0
  • Nationals vs. Cardinals: Nationals 3-2
  • Tigers vs. Athletics: Tigers 3-2
  • Yankees vs. Orioles: Orioles 3-1

Championship Series

  • Nationals vs. Reds: Nationals 4-0
  • Tigers vs. Orioles: Orioles 4-0

World Series

  • Tigers vs. Nationals

So, according to the game, it will be the Washington Nationals and Detroit Tigers in the World Series. As exciting as it would be to see both of those teams square off, I personally would like to see the St. Louis Cardinals repeat and win it all again over the Orioles.

Who do you think will win the World Series this year? Let us know in the comments below.