Retro City Rampage Patch Version 1.01 Available – Required To Fix Critical Bugs

As we told you in our Global PlayStation Store Update earlier today, Retro City Rampage from VBlank Entertainment launch on the PS Vita and PS3 for $14.99, complete with Cross Buy. Well, before you boot up the game and play through a sprawling 8-bit world filled with crazy characters, make sure you download patch 1.01 for the game.

If you’re on PS3, you should be prompted to download the update before accessing the game and PlayStation Vita owners just need to hit the refresh button in the Live Area of Retro City Rampage, then wait for the update icon to pop up.

None of the bugs fixed within the 18MB patch have been detailed, but the fact that it has an exclamation mark and the word ‘critical’ means that we probably wouldn’t be able to play the game without crashing.

Have you downloaded Retro City Rampage or plan on downloading it in the near future? Let us know in the comments below.