Resident Evil 6 Paid DLC Not On Disc, Free DLC On Disc – New Update On The Way

Capcom has taken to their blog to clear up some things about the future of Resident Evil 6 DLC.

First off, there will be a new update for the game within a couple of weeks that brings No Hope difficulty mode (something that will no doubt be hard) and a co-op partner for Ada’s campaign. Ada’s campaign was originally meant to be solo-only, but it looks as though they’ve had a change of heart on that one.

Additionally, Ada’s campaign will be available from the very beginning, meaning that you don’t have to complete the other three campaigns before you can play it. For anyone who’s beaten the game, this obviously won’t mean anything to you, but new purchasers will have even more choice once the game boots up.

When it comes to DLC, they clarified that while some is on disc, the data is incomplete and requires a download for the free content to be accessible. As for the DLC that you’ll have to pay for in the future, that is not included on the disc, meaning it will take up more than 108KB.