Travel in Far Cry 3 Won’t “Become a Chore” According to Ubisoft

Ubisoft is well aware of the issues that gamers have had with the driving in prior Far Cry titles and promises to improve travel with the third installment.

Speaking to OPM, lead game designer Jamie Keen explained how the team at Ubi is making travel around the island in Far Cry 3 much more enjoyable.

What we wanted to do with this one is we wanted to make driving a fun experience. We wanted it to feel like you can pull a handbrake turn round a corner and when you do it it is great and fun to do. You can just launch your vehicle at 70mph off a cliff – it might not do very well – but you can do that stuff.

We want travel not to become a chore. If you want to just travel across coastal roads for hours on end, by all means knock yourself out. We have fast travel points that let you move quickly around the world.

Player choice is an important aspect of Far Cry 3 and Ubisoft wants to provide the gamer with as many options on how to traverse the world as possible. Will it prove to be a successful endeavor? Check back when the game launches this December to find out.