Medal of Honor: Warfighter PS3 Install Size, Max Resolution Revealed

Medal of Honor: Warfighter will enter the first person shooter market on October 23rd, and thanks to who has posted the back of the official box art, we now know a few new pieces of information about the game.

It will require a 2GB install on your hard drive before you can actually play it, its HD output will be in 480p or 720p, and the online multiplayer will support 2-20 players.

Along with this, the box art also re-iterates the fact that you’ll receive both an invite to the Battlefield 4 beta and the Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack for free. The beta will happen at some point in 2013, with the map pack releasing on December 17th.

For anyone who decides to purchase the game from Walmart, you’ll also receive a free Global Warfighter documentary movie, Navy Seal Sniper, and $4.99 in VUDU credit. If none of that interests you, Amazon is offering an exclusive tin case with all pre-orders.