Activision Launches 15-Second Teaser for Tonight’s New Black Ops II Ad

A brand-new Black Ops 2 ad will be debuting during the Poland vs. England soccer match tonight, and Activision has just launched a brief teaser.

The entire commercial will clock in at a full minute, so you’re getting a quarter-size taste thanks to the teaser below. Give it a look.

There’s a whole lot crammed into that fifteen seconds. It’s got massive explosions, soldiers with jetpacks and most importantly, horses—all set to the tune of “Back in Black”.

What little secrets can you pull from the clip? From what I could see, there’s plenty of near future weaponry to salivate over. Sound off in the comments below with your findings.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is set to launch on November 13th and appears to be ratcheting up the action even more—if that’s even possible. Will it continue to sell crazy number for Activision like Call of Duty has in years prior? We’ll just have to wait and see.