Art Students Accidentally Made Old Man Think Resident Evil Was Real

What conclusion does your mind naturally jump to when you find yourself staring at a deserted array of weapons and broken dismembered body parts next to wholesale dead bodies, with thick red hand prints decorating a room?

That’s what a security guard was exposed to when he explored the fourth floor of the Nanjing University of the Arts last Tuesday. It turns out, a bunch of students were creating a Resident Evil fan film late (9:30 pm) into the night. When the alleged ‘grandpa‘ security personnel found the grizzly film scene, he immediately shut down the building’s elevators, called the police, and pulled the fire alarm (because as we all know, psychopathic murderers can’t stand the ring of fire alarms.)

When the confused art students were confronted by Chinese police officers, they explained the murder props were part of a film project. No one was punished, the police, and school were supportive of the film project, and the students learned a valuable lesson about alerting security before setting up a believable mass-murder scene. Sort of a great setup, with an anti-climactic ending, no? I think this story would benefit largely from the police officers disappearing on campus, or maybe the ‘grandpa’ was actually a zombie? More realistically, I was expecting the security guard to suffer at least a mild heart attack.

All stupidity aside, it’s great the police, and school were supportive of the students’ creative endeavor. Do you think the art students would have received this degree of open non-punishing support had this happened in the United States?