Analysts Doubt Sony Will Cut Price of PS3 This Year

While everyone was expecting a price drop from Sony on the PlayStation 3 this year, the company somehow managed to find a way to charge consumers even more for their Blu-ray game machine.

According to IDC Research analyst Lewis Ward, those holding out in hope for a sudden discount before the holidays will likely be disappointed. In an interview with GamesIndustry, Ward explained:

Sony dropped their console prices $50 in Q3’11 so I don’t expect another price cut this holiday season. I don’t think Sony will have terrible game sales results this holiday season but I also won’t be surprised if they come in third when it’s all said and done.

Jesse Divnich of EEDAR shares a similar sentiment, pointing out that Sony will likely wait until the unveiling of the PS4 to drop price. “We expect there will likely be a PS4 next year, and I think that’s where they’re putting the majority of their resources,” he said, adding, “If they cut the price now, they’ll just have to cut it again when they announce PS4. So maybe they are thinking ‘Let’s limp this through until the announcement’ and then they’ll do the next price cut similar to what Nintendo did with Wii in front of Wii U.”