New PlayStation Store Rolling Out in Europe, Compared to Original

The new and improved PlayStation Store is rolling out across Europe today, and this early speed comparison done by iWaggle3D shows the new store loading much slower than our current digital game hub. Fortunately, Sony is aware of the speed issues, and promises “dramatic improvements” once the region-wide roll out is complete.

The new PlayStation Store seems swift once booted, but as you can see in iWaggle3D’s video comparison; Sony’s new store isn’t looking so intuitive, when the number of steps to accessing content are accounted for. The current PlayStation Store took 3 steps before a demo started downloading, whereas the upcoming PlayStation Store has 7 button based barriers to download, separating gamers from Sony’s content. The radically redesigned search took around the same amount of time as the original to navigate to The Unfinished Swan.

The new PlayStation store certainly looks pretty, but putting more obstacles in front of paying consumers (no matter how frivolous) might be a slight miscalculation on Sony’s part. The new PlayStation Store is currently being rolled out in Europe, and it’s set to grace NA by the end of the month.