Sony’s PlayStation Store to be Getting a Visual Overhaul Later This Month

Sony is revamping the PlayStation Store, according to reports from a press event held in London earlier today. The changes will be made on October 17th for those in Europe, with details for the rest of the world yet to be confirmed.

Not only does the update offer a sleek new look (one that is long overdue if you ask me) but it also adds plenty of new functionality to make for a much more enjoyable and user-friendly shopping experience.

The new design sports what Sony is calling a “carousel set-up” in which the pages scroll from left to right. There is also a much improved search function that takes into account misspellings and abbreviations.

For a better look at what’s to come, check out some images below, courtesy of the PS Blog Twitter feed:

The new store is set to come out on October 23rd.

What do you think of the new look? If you ask me, it sure does resemble the Xbox 360 dashboard, but without all the ads. But enough about what I think, let your opinion be heard in the comments below.