Image for SOE’s Cancelled ‘The Agency’ Appears on PlayStation Store

The eagle eyes over at GOS spotted artwork for ‘The Agency‘ decorating Sony Online Entertainment’s featured product page on the PlayStation Store.

For those in need of a refresher, The Agency was a PS3/PC Spy MMO that SOE announced in 2007, and then canceled in 2011 (not to be confused with Rockstar’s probably cancelled Agent). In order to see the suspicious Agency artwork above, you need to be in Europe to have the new PS Store update and then go to New Releases>Featured>Sony Online Entertainment. The image is seen on the right, just below a picture of Scorpion (presumably there due to SOE publishing Mortal Kombat II on the PlayStation Store.)

It wasn’t surprising when The Agency was cancelled last year, chiefly due to the titles noticeable trade-show absence and huge layoffs at SOE. The Agency‘s sketchy development aside, the spy MMO was always a promising looking concept that intended to bridge the gap between PS3 and PC gamers through a more action oriented MMO experience (not unlike other SOE published MMO DC Universe Online).

Do you think Sony Online Entertainment has been working undercover on The Agency, or is this simply a design error?