PlayStation All-Stars Beta Leak: Final Boss Revealed? – Another Stage Crossover Unveiled

With PlayStation All-Stars, the only major secret SuperBot Entertainment has seemingly been able to keep from us is the identity of the final boss – the evil mastermind uniting the multiple universes that represent PlayStation. But, it seems we may have figured out who we will ultimately have to confront at the end of Battle Royale’s arcade ladder.

Last week we shared the background music that will play during your final confrontation with All-Stars unidentified final boss. The leak came from a YouTube uploader who hacked the beta (along with the original beta, outing the full currently confirmed roster.) Now this same person has uploaded the voice over audio that supposedly streams while facing PSASBR‘s end boss. You can listen to the angry audio clip here.

If the clip is truly from Battle Royale’s final boss, then a huge number of characters are immediately ruled out (unless they’re transformed into what we’re hearing here.) This seems to leave us with two possibilities: Polygon Man, or the Negativitron.

The Polygon Man was a marketing mascot used to promote the original PlayStation in North America. Polygon Man ‘fits’ because he lacks a voice, or any other distinct character (thus making it impossible to rule him out.) Additionally, SuperBot’s lead designer for PlayStation All-Stars – Omar Kendall, has stated in past interviews that Battle Royale’s final boss would be immediately familiar to PlayStation veterans.

Our other possibility, the Negativitron, is the evil force you’re fighting, and finally vanquishing at the end of LittleBigPlanet 2. Why is Sackboy’s latest console villain a possibility? His dialogue, and voice matches the audio clip above extremely well.

Oh, and the stage crossover? The same YouTube user has uploaded the background music that plays during the “Invasion” Killzone stage. As with all PlayStation All-Stars stages, the music is a mix of the franchises being represented. In this case, heart warming Helghan jingles are mixed together with what many are calling Ape Escape‘s theme music for series antagonist Specter.

Do you believe either of these villains could be behind the cross-dimensional plot uniting the PlayStation universe? Sound off in the comments, and let us know on our podcast whether you’d like a PSLS PSASBR tournament.