New PlayStation All-Stars Beta Leak Outs Level Cross-Overs, Final Boss Music

When the first Battle Royale beta leaked all over the place, we bared witness to the names of 14 stages. Now, all of those leaked levels have been confirmed aside from Black Rock Stadium (Twisted Metal), Columbia (Bioshock Infinite), and Invasion (Killzone.)

But now, someone who claims to have rifled through the new beta’s files is releasing character voice overs, and (out of sequence) background music for PlayStation All-Stars’ stages. These tunes are entertaining at face value, but they also give a strong indication as to what franchises are being spliced together for each stage.

First up, we have Sweet Tooth’s favorite stomping grounds; Black Rock Stadium, seemingly being invaded by “Haven City” of Jak and Daxter fame. The Haven City crossover is implied through voice-overs, and the stage’s background music.

Then we’ve got voice-over work featuring Twisted Metal‘s Iron Maiden screaming her mechanical vocal cords off in Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia.              

Probably, most interesting of all, is the long, intense background music that you’ll allegedly be listening to when facing the (surprisingly not leaked, and still unknown) final boss in Battle Royale.

Until official confirmation of these stages actual existence, you can place all of this strictly in the rumor category (along with nearly everything else we think, we know about PlayStation All-Stars.)