New PlayStation All-Stars Nariko, Raiden, Sir Daniel Walkthroughs Reveal 3 Stages

PlayStation All-Stars director Omar Kendall sat down in a video preview with GameSpot, and the excellent 3 part feature granted us a revealing in-depth walkthrough of the final trio of characters confirmed for Battle Royale. But the highlight here is our first video peek at the stages San Fransisco, Columbia, and Black Rock Stadium. We already knew about their existence, but what’s new here is seeing the cross-franchise invasions in motion.

In the 3 video walkthroughs below we see: Nariko faring well in a Chimera ravaged San Fransisco – invaded by Dr. Nefarious (of Resistance, and Ratchet and Clank fame), Raiden rampaging through an Iron Maiden terrorized Columbia (of Twisted Metal and BioShock Infinite origin), then, in the final video, Sir Daniel stumbles through a Haven City occupied Black Rock Stadium (potentially dangerous locations made popular by Jak and Daxter and Twisted Metal)

The videos are narrated by Omar, so if you’d like to hear Nefarious’ cackle, Iron Maiden’s wail, or the oppressive tones of Haven City, you can check out the voice-over audio extracted from these stages here.


I’d like to take a swing at directing the mechanically unique Sir Daniel. Who, out of these characters, are you most interested in, and which stage catches your interest?

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