Portal 2 Is Coming To The PSN Next Week, Along With New ‘In Motion’ DLC

If all of your gaming dollars aren’t already being spent on LittleBigPlanet Karting and the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel on November 6th, Sixense has announced that their Portal 2 In Motion DLC will be available on that day for $9.99, with PlayStation Plus subscribers getting a launch promotion of 30% off.

What you can expect with this particular piece of DLC is a full PlayStation Move controller-controlled Portal gun which you use to complete some increasingly difficult test chambers. See the debut trailer for a good look of the game ‘in motion’:

To make the PSN even more filled with Portal 2 goodness, the full game will be out on November 6th for an unspecified price, though PlayStation Plus members will be getting 30% off the regular price.

This digital copy of Portal 2 will include the new PlayStation Move patch which enables you to use the Move controller for the entire game. If you already own Portal 2 on disc, you can download the free Move patch when it goes live on Tuesday.

[Thanks Chandler!]