New PlayStation Store Now Live in Canada

The new and improved PlayStation Store was originally supposed to hit North America October 23rd, but was then delayed to an unspecified future date. Well, the new HTML5 redesigned store is now live, at least for Canadian PSN users.

The store’s redesign is a slick, visually spectacular affair, that makes browsing for content noticeably easier, and more enjoyable. This is done primarily through the more prominent and larger utilization of pictures for listings. Being more image heavy also makes it easier to rapidly rifle through the PlayStation Store’s content.

The new PlayStation Store seems to stream trailers properly now too, but the downloaded list is still an inappropriate gigantic mega-list, with no sorting capabilities whatsoever. A fix for the download list has been said to be coming in the future, but I’m surprised this issue hasn’t been alleviated to any degree – there’s sorting and filtering options throughout the redesign in other areas.

Regardless, we’re definitely off to a great start with the new, more shopper friendly PlayStation Store. Have you gotten your hands on Sony’s new digital storefront? What do you think of the visual overhaul?

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