Can’t Download Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition on PS+? Don’t Worry, It’s Being Fixing

November 6, 2012Written by Jason Dunning

When the US PlayStation Store updated earlier today, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition became a free download for all PlayStation Plus members. Sadly, it isn’t showing up as part of the Instant Game Collection for a lot of subscribers, prompting @PlayStation to tweet the following:

We’re aware that some US Plus members aren’t seeing Resident Evil 5 as part of Instant Game Collection, and we are working on a solution.

Since we don’t know exactly when this will be fixed, why not take advantage of your PlayStation Plus membership and get 30% off of the newly released Portal 2 on the PSN?

As for future PS+ news, both Renegade Ops and Pac-Man DX Championship Edition will be disappearing once the PlayStation Store updates next week, with only one game replacing the two. Then, the week after that will feature just one new free game and that trend of one game per week should continue going forward.

On the PlayStation Vita side of PS+, they’ve just repeated that it will be detailed ‘very soon’, so stay tuned to PSLS for more info on that shortly.