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Former Square Exec Believes Merger With Enix has Been a “Complete Failure”

The latest financial report from Square Enix indicates that the company is facing significant losses of ¥5.4 billion ($67 million) for the first half of its fiscal year.

Interestingly enough, former Square head, Hisashi Suzuki has spoken about the fiscal news, claiming that it was unwise of the company to merge with Enix, and since then, it has only been downhill. And that’s putting it lightly. On Twitter, Suzuki went so far as to say that “the merger was a complete failure” and that “there’s no vision for the future.” Ouch.

From 2000 to 2002, Suzuki served as the president of Square before the company merged with Enix. He then served as the director at Square Enix from 2003 to 2005 at which point he departed to work as director at Sega.

Are Suzuki’s comments justified, or is he being incredibly harsh for no reason? Let us know what you think about the current state of Square Enix in the comments below.