J.S Joust Coming To PS3 in “Sportsfriends” Indie Game Bundle

Johann Sebastian’s Joust is a PlayStation Move game where you attempt to rattle or knock your opponent’s controller, all while controlling your movements in correlation to the tempo of the music.

At this year’s Game Developer Choice Awards, J.S Joust claimed the innovation award, beating out critical champions including, L.A. Noire, and Portal 2. Joust has been demoed around the world to universal high regards, and it’s coming to PS3 next year through Sony’s Pub Fund along 3 other innovative indie games.

Although, all 4 games are currently completely playable, the garage developers want to add more modes, and the like to flesh out their creative concepts more – so, they’re offering us the opportunity to Kickstart them with a donation, or $15 (or more)  pre-order.

Sportsfriends is said to arrive Summer or Fall of next year, and will include:

  • BaraBariBall: “A fighting/sports game for two or four players. Players score by dunking the ball in the water on the opposing team’s side but lose a point for falling into the water themselves.”
  • Super Pole Riders: “In Pole Riders, two athletic men pole-vault into the air to try to kick a ball, suspended on a rope by a pulley, into their enemy’s goal.”
  • Hokra: “A fast-paced, competitive game for two teams of two players each, Hokra features simple controls and minimal rules while retaining the depth that makes multiplayer games exciting for advanced players.”
  • J.S JoustRefer to…well, any other section of this article.

You can click any of the links above, to see the respective games in motion. You might be wondering why this seemingly abstract set of games are being bundled together, well, Sportsfriends Kickstarter page has an answer for that:

Sportsfriends is more than your typical “bundle” of games. It’s one tight-knit package of multiplayer games that all embrace a similar design philosophy. The four of us made our games around the same time, and we’ve all influenced each other. By collaborating on one project, we hope to make something that transcends any of the individual games.

Are you planning on supporting Sportsfriends with a pre-order, or donation? Sound off in the comments below.