Beyond: Two Souls Development is “Going Very Well”

November 12, 2012Written by Jason Dunning

Since Beyond: Two Souls debuted at E3 in June, not much information has been announced about the game starring Ellen Page as main character, Jodie Holmes. This prompted the PS Blog to talk to David Cage, founder of developer Quantic Dream, the guys behind the amazing Heavy Rain.

The first question asked was how development was going for the game currently on track for a 2013 release date:

Development is going very well. Indeed, it’s nice to go to all these shows but we also have to make the game! We’re advancing – we’re now a few weeks off the alpha version. It’s always a very critical moment in the development of a game since it’s the first time all the game data is assembled in a complete version. This first version is often not very playable, but it’s the first time you can see the “complete” game as a whole. After that we’ll move onto the beta version, which is when the game really starts to look like the final version.

Being that the Beyond: Two Souls E3 reveal had a lot of action moments, David was asked what else we can expect in the final product:

It’s a balance that will be a little different from Heavy Rain, where we really aiming for the atmosphere of a psychological thriller. Beyond, of course, will also have these components of emotion, depth of characters, strong moments, but there will also be a more epic, dramatic dimension.

All this will be part of a story with a logical narrative following the philosophy that each scene must be unique and different. Take the forest scene for example. This is the only scene like this in the game. We will have more epic scenes and other action scenes, but they will be radically different and have nothing to do with each other in terms of environment and the type of action involved.

Our goal is not to release a game that will just please the fans of Heavy Rain and that we could say, “Ah, yes, it’s like Heavy Rain but a little better”. The idea is really to surprise players and show them that we can actually go much further with the concept of Heavy Rain.

Expect more information on Beyond: Two Souls as 2013 approaches and beyond.

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