Assassin’s Creed III Bug Fixes Incoming

November 16, 2012Written by Chandler Wood

Yesterday we reported on the mass of glitches that players of Assassin’s Creed III are experiencing, from the entertaining to the trophy-breaking. It looks like Ubisoft is fully aware of the number of bugs in the game and are actively working to resolve the problems. Here is the response that we received from Ubisoft’s support team:

Hello Chandler,

This is a known issue and it will be addressed in an upcoming patch. There is no current release date on the next title update but it has been reported and investigated. If you would like to keep up to date with information regarding patches, updates or bugs please visit our official forums in the meantime.

Ubisoft AC3 Forums:

We are sorry for the inconvenience,

Ubisoft Support

In visiting the forums, we were treated to a thread from Ubisoft outlining a Thanksgiving Day patch. The patch will reportedly fix over 100 bugs and glitches. Visit the link at your own discretion as there are many spoilers contained within the patch notes.

The specific frontiersman mission glitch that I experienced is not listed as being addressed, though in another thread reporting on the incoming fix, they admit that this is only the first patch and will not fix all issues.

As stated above, this first patch is nearly complete and we should be rolling it out by the end of next week (provided everything goes according to plan). We will also continue working to resolve any remaining issues that have been reported (yeah, there are a few we didn’t get to in this one).

While the bugs may be present in swarms, are they excusable because Ubisoft is actively working to support their game post-launch? Can you look past the amount of glitches due to the size and scope of this game, or should it have been more polished on release? Remember that while they call this upcoming fix the “first patch”, there was a massive day-one patch that players were greeted with upon first loading up the game that contained it’s fair share of fixes.

Feel free to share your Assassin’s Creed III bug stories with us below and stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for future updates on the QA process patch fixes for the game.

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