Trophy Breaking Glitch(es) in Assassin’s Creed III

November 15, 2012Written by Chandler Wood

*Spoiler Warning* – The article below may contain minor spoilers for Assassin’s Creed III.

While Assassin’s Creed III was released to glowing reviews, our own included, players have admitted that the game is full of minor glitches and bugs, oftentimes entertaining rather than aggravating or game breaking. One such glitch places as many as six Achilles around the homestead manor. Another places a knocked out soldier in a standing position instead of lying down clutching his stomach. Connor can still pick up his body and move him around but he always remains standing when he is thrown back on the ground.

Despite a massive day-one patch for the game, these glitches are so prevalent that a large portion of forum threads on Assassin’s Creed III are devoted to either specific bugs or the glitches in general. A quick review of posts by players shows that some bugs are not so innocent as an invincible deer that cannot be killed by a pack of wolves.

One trophy in the game requires you to get 100% on everything. This means collecting all feathers, chests, trinkets, underground entrances, completing all of the challenges, along with getting full synchronization on all main and side missions. Players have reported glitches that leave them with only a certain percentage of the underground fast travel stations discovered, when they know they have found them all. There is also a bug in which the player cannot complete the frontiersman missions.

As a trophy hunter myself, I am always after everything in a game, which is why it was so aggravating to find that I could not complete the frontiersman UFO mission. Suddenly the standing knocked out soldiers aren’t so funny anymore.  At 74% completion about 26 hours in, I am hard pressed to have to go back and do everything all over again just to get this one mission finished, while possibly risk running into it or one of the other bugs on my second play through.

While these problems are not affecting the  main missions (that we are aware of), the issues are extremely painful for players seeking 100%, especially when discovered so late into the game. As of yet, no one has reported any easy workarounds or fixes for the problems getting 100% completion. We have emailed Ubisoft’s support regarding the issue but have not yet received a reply, we’ll keep you updated as we hear further details. Hopefully a patch is in the works to at least fix the trophy-breaking issues. I’m ok with invincible deer.

Have you run into any glitches in Assassin’s Creed III? Do you go after every collectible in games or do you just play through the story missions? Let us know about your glitched trophy woes in the comments below.

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