Big PlayStation Plus Update Coming Tomorrow

You may already know all about PlayStation Plus coming to the PlayStation Vita tomorrow (if not, click here), but that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to PS+ deals this week.

Dungeon Defenders, a great tower defense/action adventure hybrid that you can play with up to four people, will be free and is a game I highly recommend.

Joining it on the free train is the Sonic Bundle: Sonic 1 + Sonic 2 which sees the classics enhanced for HD TV’s and given full trophy support.

The Sega love continues on the PSN tomorrow as the following games will be receiving a discount, with PS+ members getting even more off:

GamePSN Sale PricePlus Sale Price
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Complete Edition$19.99$14.99
Hell Yeah Bundle (Full game + 2 DLCs)$14.99$10.49
NiGHTS into Dreams$6.99$4.89
Jet Set Radio$6.99$4.89
Sonic Adventure 2$6.99$4.89
Sonic Adventure 1 & DLC Bundle$4.99$3.99
Sega Rally Arcade$4.99$2.99
Space Channel 5: Part 2$3.99$2.99


The last deal you’ll be seeing this week is the Move-enabled game, Sorcery, discounted to $15.99 from its original $19.99 price, making it 20% off.

This is an amazing week for PlayStation Plus across the board and feel free to tell us in the comments how happy you are that you spent that $60 on your subscription.

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