Skullgirls Gets Slightly Different This Tuesday With a New Patch

Skullgirls launched earlier this year on the PlayStation Network and while not accepted by the masses, it has enjoyed a very loyal following from people looking for something different in their fighting games.

The developers have now revealed that the game will be getting a ‘slightly different edition’ patch this coming Tuesday. Usually we’d post every single one of the patch notes right here in this piece, but when you have over 300 changes that add up to a total of over 5300 words, we’ll have to point you towards this site to read every single one.

If you don’t feel like reading everything, just know that it will greatly improve the online multiplayer, there is now a tournament mode, tutorials will be available for every single character, and there’s a lot of general improvements. Basically, this new patch will make Skullgirls the best Skullgirls it could possibly be.

For those of you who currently own Skullgirls, let us know your thoughts on the game and whether or not you’ll be booting it up again in the comments section below.

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