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A Site Review in Review – Making PSLS Better

November 20, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

Oh boy. So last night we asked you to let us know what we’re doing wrong, which thankfully didn’t massively backfire in our beautiful faces.

Instead we received a truly mindblowing number of comments filled with a lot of ideas, comments and suggestions. First and foremost, there are a lot of you yearning for more animal pictures – ask and you shall receive.

A ton of people would love to see a stronger focus on indie developers, and with PS Mobile now public, that is absolutely going to happen. You also asked for more in-depth interviews and talks with developers, and we’ll definitely do that. Both of these take time to create, but stuff is already in the works. The amount of readers who have become fans of this site because of a specific interview or unique article is incredible, and we hope to justify your visit with what we have planned.

Video content was another hot topic of discussion, and we’ve actually been discussing it internally for awhile. We want to bring you video content, but only when we can make it special. Watch this space.

A bunch of you seem to love Daily Reaction, which is wonderful to hear, and I’ll try not to fire Dan. You also wanted to hear more from the rest of the staff in the comments sections, so that’ll start to happen to a greater degree. One person wanted more humanity from us, so here’s this:


Anyway, the feedback has been downright fantastic – but we don’t want it to stop. Press accountability is vital. If we make a mistake, let us know – we won’t censor you. But, equally, if you see a type of article that you love, let us know so we can make more of them.

Oh, and feel free to continue PSLS improvement discussions here, the first article’s comment thread has grown rather long.