Action Packed DmC Trailer Really Wants You to Play the Demo

You have to love how a marketing team can spin nearly universal despise, and constant online name-calling into a shockingly positive statement. But, their job is to sell you on a game, and the above phrase sounds a touch better than: “DmC re-imagined with the ‘stylish’ new Dante!”

Despite trying to use this fan outcry as a marketing bullet-point, the trailer tells the story of a company desperate to push a gameplay sample into the hands of those immediately dismissing Devil May Cry’s reboot. But you have to wonder whether solid gameplay is enough to convince the more vocal DmC detractors to give Dante’s controversial new direction a serious second look.

Have you downloaded DmC‘s demo? Do you think the series has any chance of reclaiming the former Devil May Cry fan-base? I’m interested to hear your opinions in the comments below.

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