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Capcom Could Have Something Devil May Cry-Related to Announce Soon

Devil May Cry 5 launched earlier this year to much acclaim from fans and critics. Despite this, apart from Bloody Palace and another free DLC offering, the company has made it abundantly clear that no more DMC5 content is planned. In fact, even Director Hideaki Itsuno has long departed the DMC5 development team to work on something new. Yet, it appears as if Capcom has something Devil May Cry-centric in the works, if rumblings from a fan convention are to be believed.

DMC5 actors Reuben Langdon (Dante) and Dan Southworth (Vergil) attended Anime Festival Orlando 2019. While on a panel, the two actors reportedly showed a secret video from Capcom, but not before asking everyone in attendance to turn off their phones and cameras. Later, fans on a Facebook thread inquired about more details concerning the footage. An admin on Southworth’s account replied, saying the exclusive content shown during Anime Festival Orlando will remain under wraps “until Capcom reveals it.”

Not even a hint is available about what the footage featured. As expected, fans on the Reddit thread in which all of this initially surfaced are already speculating. Might Capcom have more DMC5 content its preparing to show off? Potentially. However, considering the exclusive footage was shown at an anime convention, others are positing Langdon and Southworth may have given attendees a sneak peek at the Netflix animated series.

Late last year, Executive Producer on Netflix’s praise-worthy Castlevania series, Adi Shankar, announced he was also developing a Devil May Cry animated series. At the time, Shankar did not divulge too much information. But he did tease that Castlevania and the DMC series would exist in what he and his team refer to as the “bootleg multiverse.” Here’s to hoping more information will begin to emerge soon.

[Source: Reddit via Wccftech]