Devil May Cry 5 Development

Devil May Cry 5 Has Ceased Development and There Is No More Content Planned

Now that Devil May Cry 5 has been out for a while, fans are eager for Capcom to release more content. There were some rumblings about a possible add-on that would include the ability to play as Trish or Lady, but one of the producers of the game, Matt Walker, squashed that rumor on Twitter recently.

After a fan asked if more content would be coming, including the ability to play as the ladies, and Walker noted that he’d like that, but that development on Devil May Cry 5 has ended.

Following that comment, Walker repeated himself in a tweet, saying that there are no more plans for Devil May Cry 5 content. However, he also stated that we would love to see more Resident Evil titles in the works since Resident Evil 2 was such a “huge success”.

Although a remake of Resident Evil 3 has not been confirmed, it would be shocking if Capcom hasn’t already started development on it. We’ll have to wait and see, but it seems like a no-brainer to follow up with Resident Evil 3, which Capcom might have been teasing on Twitter earlier this month.

Devil May Cry 5 was also a success, reaching over 2 million units sold within a couple weeks of being available. This number has likely increased since it’s been out for over a month now. And the director, Hideaki Itsuno has stated that the team has moved on to another project, but it’s unclear if that’s the next Devil May Cry game or something new.

Capcom has been doing amazingly recently and we hope it can continue its success, even if that means Devil May Cry 5 doesn’t have more content in the works. We really liked Devil May Cry 5 and praised it for its variety and over-the-top action.

Does it bum you out that there is no more content planned for DMC5? Let us know!

[Source: Twitter via Siliconera]