DualPLAY Prototype Peripheral Actually Makes PlayStation Move Look Interesting

The PlayStation Move is in the frustrating predicament of being wonderful unique technology that simply isn’t supported by enough of the right content. But even if Sony had put a lot of developer support behind the platform, the lack of dual analog sticks always limits immersion, which makes this new peripheral from Playhouse Entertainment oh so interesting.

As you can see from the video above – the DualPLAY essentially attaches a PlayStation Move controller with a navigation stick to create a fully functioning virtually controlled hand. There are so many exciting possibilities with this peripheral, but I’m skeptical whether it will ever go into full production, let alone receive solid software support. Developers are wary in creating a motion title that requires anything more than a single Move wand, let alone 2 pairs of Move and navigation controllers.

If you’d like to support the DualPLAY becoming a reality, you can throw some cash at their indiegogo campaign. If you’d like to learn more about the peripheral iWaggle3D has an interview with Playhouse Entertainment’s founder.

Is the DualPLAY the type of accessory you would willingly support? How many quality games supporting the device would it take to convince you that the peripheral is worth your investment?