Rotastic Will Have 10 Exclusive Levels When it Comes to PSN Tomorrow, Watch it in Action

December 3, 2012Written by Jason Dunning

As long as Rotastic comes in at a cheap price (no more than a few dollars), it is definitely something you need to be looking at when it comes to the PS3’s PlayStation Store tomorrow.

Since I wouldn’t be able to do the game’s premise justice, you can read all about it from Martial Hesse-Dreville of developer Dancing Dots below, with the launch trailer just underneath that.

The whole idea behind Rotastic is simple: we wanted to provide tons of fun while using a very simple game mechanic, and I think it worked. Using just one button, you latch your grappling hook onto the nearest anchor point, many of which are scattered around each level. This swings you around to propel your knight through the stage, catching gems while avoiding traps and dodging enemies. With 80 levels (including 10 exclusive new levels for PlayStation 3!) of increasing difficulty, you can be sure you’ll find a good challenge!

And that’s only half the fun: there’s also local multiplayer that lets you play with three other friends. As you collect gems, the goal is to swing around and cut your opponents’ rope, sending them flying to their death! We can tell you… it gets crazy in a hurry, and if you plan to win, you’ll have to employ some treacherous tactics.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our full PlayStation Store Global Update that will let you know just how much Rotastic costs.