Screenshots of Kat, Emmett Graves and a New Stage in PlayStation All-Stars

December 4, 2012Written by Jesse Meikle

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s very first (and free) batch of downloadable content had a peculiar announcement that wasn’t accompanied by any images or trailers of Kat and Emmett’s appearances in All-Stars. But, fortunately, this lack of  content has been addressed, and a (likely) complimentary stage has come along for the ride.

Kat and Emmett Graves are looking as faithful to their appearances in Gravity Rush and Starhawk (respectively) as you’d expect from the PlayStation celebration. The real stand-out news here is a new stage which features Heavenly Sword‘s setting being invaded by WipEout. This cross-over follows the PlayStation All-Stars trend of mixing heavily contrasting franchises. It will be interesting to see how WipEout’s futuristic hover-vehicles interact with the stage.

Do these new screenshots have you excited to download Kat and Emmett when they release next year? Now that you’ve seen them in Battle Royale, do you like the fit, or feel the franchises are still too obscure to truly be considered All-Stars?


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