Success! Sportsfriends Surpasses Necessary Funds – Due For Fall 2013 Release

On Friday, we talked about how the wonderful looking local multiplayer gaming collection Sportsfriends was at risk of missing its Kickstarter goal. We’re now happy to report that Sportsfriends has received a few thousand in excess of the necessary $150,000 Kickstarter goal including $10k from a certain PSLS reader, and will subsequently be released in Fall 2013 on the PlayStation Network (with home computer versions to follow afterwards.)

Some of you may still be wondering what exactly Sportsfriends is, after all the freaky retro-esque promotional picture above doesn’t exactly explain what you do in Sportsfriends as well as BioShock: Infinite’s frathouse-friendly boxart. To help wrap your mind around what exactly Sportsfriends is, I’d like to refer you to the Kickstarter campaign’s clear, concise, and cheekily convoluted trailer embedded below:

Did you help Kickstart/pre-order Sportsfriends? If not, are you interested in picking up the collection of indie gems later next year? We’re always eager for your input in the comments below.