The Journey Collector’s Edition Mini Games Could be Coming to the EU PSN [Update]

Update: Following thatgamecompany’s comments below, it looks like the full Collector’s Edition could be on the way.

Those of us in North America may not know it, but European gamers weren’t lucky enough to receive the Journey Collector’s Edition, which bundled together Journey, Flow, Flower, 3 exclusive mini games made by thatgamecompany in 24 hours, and a bunch of extras.

It looks like Sony is going to give everyone across the pond a chance to play those games very soon though, as a PEGI rating for two of the three games – Gravediggers and Duke War – has now appeared for the PS3. The third game – Nostril Shot – wasn’t rated, but it will likely join them eventually.

Just how much they’ll end up costing remains a mystery, but based on the quality and how long it took them to make each game, they should be released at the cheapest of cheap prices.

Will you think about downloading any of the titles? Let us know in the comments below.


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