thatgamecompany Heavily Hints That the Journey Collector’s Edition is Coming to Europe

Last year, we were disappointed to hear that Sony decided against releasing the Journey Collector’s Edition in Europe, with the thatgamecompany bundle not only including their three incredible PSN titles but three all-new minigames, a documentary, soundtrack and a ton of cool stuff.

Yesterday it seemed like there was a glimmer of hope that the minigames could be coming to PSN after PEGI rated them, but instead it now looks like the entire Collector’s Edition could be coming to Europe. Thatgamecompany commented on our coverage of yesterday’s news, saying:

The games won’t be released separately. They’re too bug-tastic. Rules were bent to allow them to be on the disc.

You should think of another reason why these would be rated for Europe. 😉

They also told us on Twitter:

They won’t be released separately. Rules had to be bent for them to be released on the disc.

There doesn’t seem many other reasons why the games would be rated, other than for the Collector’s Edition – although now they could call it a GOTY edition considering the amount of awards Journey has won (including our Overall GOTY, PSN GOTY and Reader’s Choice).

If you’re not a fan of digital downloading/have terrible internet, then this Collector’s Edition is an absolute must buy, but if you already have these games would you be interested in buying the collection? Let us know in the comments below.