UNO Pulled From the PlayStation Store Due to Vita PSP Emulator Exploit

One of the classic ways to hack the original PlayStation Portable was through save game exploits that allowed hackers to run unauthorized code. The PlayStation Portable has a huge catalog of titles, and it should come as no surprise that new tamperable titles are being found all the time.

Similar hacks have been found successful in unlocking the keys to the PSP emulator inside the PlayStation Vita. This isn’t a true Vita hack, but is quite possibly the initial steps to fully unlocking the Vita. That’s what Sony’s afraid of, and why they’ve removed Gameloft’s PSP rendition of UNO from the PlayStation Store.

TSA is reporting that it only took Sony three days to remove UNO after the hack was found. Fortunately, UNO still resides on user’s download lists if they’ve already purchased the title. Hopefully, the digital card game gets patched and re-listed, similar to when MotorStorm: Arctic Edge and Everybody’s Tennis came under similar compromise.

Hacking, and thus piracy is always inevitable to a degree – just look at the PS3’s (at long last) breached iron walls. Do you think the Vita is going to be fully hacked soon, or will Sony be able to hold them off for a while longer?

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