New Info on PlayStation All-Stars DLC and Patch Coming Tomorrow

Apart from the adding Kat and Emmett as playable characters and the upcoming WipEout/Heavenly Sword stage, we haven’t heard much in the way of what SuperBot might be planning for the future of their brawler title that took top spot for our Fighting Game of 2012. Seth Killian teased today that we could hear more information tomorrow regarding where PlayStation All-Stars is headed. In a post on Twitter, he said

If all goes well, should have new info on All-Stars DLC (and game patch!) coming tmrw. Stay tuned to @SuperBotEnt and @mvcClockw0rk

Specifically using the term “new info” makes me believe that this information may be regarding DLC outside of the content that we are already privy to, though there is always the chance that it will just be an announcement regarding final pricing and/or a release date. He also mentioned a game patch in his tweet, so it appears that SuperBot are continuing to tweak and balance the main game in addition to adding DLC. I’m expecting the patch to at least add compatibility for the new characters, while hoping that it adds some balancing to certain existing characters and fixing the tournament titles glitch that some have been experiencing.

Are you still playing PlayStation All-Stars? If so, what are you hoping to hear from SuperBot about the game tomorrow? For those that aren’t playing anymore, will the DLC bring you back around? Remember that Kat and Emmett will be free for the first two weeks that they are released! Be sure to stay with PlayStation LifeStyle while we bring you all of the latest PlayStation information.

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