Two Tournament Seasons Later – Glitches Abound, and PlayStation All-Stars Titles Still Not Being Awarded

If you own PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, then you might be familiar with how the game’s online tournament system works. Essentially, when you do well in ranked matches you accumulate belt points (BP), when you collect 100 BP your belt changes to a more prestigious color. At the end of a tournament “season” (at the end of the month) you unlock different titles to use to customize your player card.

PlayStation All-Stars released November 20th, so at the end of that short season many players let the lack of awarded titles slip by. But, now that December has come and gone (along with the tournament season), many players are frustrated to see this issue rear its ugly head again. Additionally, other users are reporting that their belts weren’t reset like they should be – leaving belted post-season players like myself with a huge head start (and an unfair place on the leaderboards.)

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only glitch online players have had to contend with. Occasionally, while waiting for a match to load, you’ll be randomly given a different character you didn’t choose which will make the already tough ranked matches nearly impossible depending on your experience with the random selection. There are other instances where characters will go invisible, but a more common occurrence is players losing control over their characters (they stand still, or run in one direction.) There are other bugs as well, but the most common issue is random disconnects. This wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the lack of host migration, and the absurd amount of BP you lose when you’re disconnected from a match.

Gamers may be competitive, but they’d much rather fight each other than a game’s shoddy net-code. We’ve contacted SuperBot Entertainment about the title issue, and will update should we hear back from them.


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