Problem Found with Dead or Alive 5 Patch 1.03, “Corrected Update” Comes out in February

Dead or Alive 5 received a massive 227MB patch yesterday on PS3, check out all the 1.03 notes here, and just one day later, a problem has been discovered with it.

The official word from Team Ninja is that “an issue with stagger escapes (a.k.a. slow escapes) during Critical has been discovered in the Ver.1.03 patch for PS3, released 1/22” and “this issue prevents users from enjoying the intended design of DOA5.” Due to this, they have even stopped the Xbox 360 patch that was originally planned for the 29th.

They do apologize for this and also assure us that we’ll be getting a corrected update at some point in February, though no hard date was announced.

While you wait for that patch, feel free to check out the Zack Island and Swimsuit DLC trailer:

Will this problem stop you from playing Dead or Alive 5 until February? Let us know in the comments below.

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