The Tyranny of King Washington DLC for ACIII Releasing Next Month

Last year, before Assassin’s Creed III even released, we heard news that a non-canonical alternate history story would be coming to the game as episodic DLC. Well the monarchy will be here soon as Ubisoft has just revealed that the first episode of The Tyranny of King Washington will be releasing on the PSN on February 19th.

Titled The Tyranny of King Washington: The Infamy, this will be the first of three total parts to the story. The DLC will put players back in Connor’s moccasins as he makes an effort to dethrone the newly crowned king of the colonies, George Washington. Season Pass holders will be able to download the content for free, but for the rest of us the episode will run $9.99. Before checking your bank account to see if you can budget it in with all of the other great stuff coming in February, check out the awesome release art below.

As the three pieces of story DLC will likely cost the same amount, it will total out to about $30, so if you planning on getting all of the Tyranny episodes may as well just put that money towards the season pass and essentially get the multiplayer content for free. Are you excited to step back into the American Revolution and see how America would be under a king (we’re looking at you, Seb…)? PSLS isn’t a tyranny (yet), so speak freely in the comments without fear of ending up in the stocks.

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