Ubisoft Announces King Washington DLC for AC3, Offering Season Pass

Ubisoft has just announced that they’ll be offering a season pass option to gamers that want in on Assassin’s Creed 3‘s upcoming George Washington centric DLC.

Imagine an alternate history in which George Washington became King of America. Pretty crazy, right? Well it looks like that is the direction Ubisoft plans to go with its single-player add-on content for AC3 with The Tyranny of King Washington.

As the revolution comes to a close, a new and most unexpected enemy emerges. Driven by the desire to secure the fate of the colonies, the greatest hero of the revolution, George Washington, succumbs to the temptation of infinite power. The new King is born and his reign leaves no one untouched. To return freedom to the land our new hero must dethrone a tyrant he once called friend. 

Those that want in on all five packs of content (three of which make up the King Washington DLC) can opt to purchase the Season Pass for $29.99. Ubisoft has said that the pass will release within six months following the game’s release on October 30th and provide a savings of 25%.

Be sure to comment below, letting us know what you think of the Ubisoft’s approach to alternate history. I must admit that I’m pretty psyched.

[Thanks Chandler!]