Dead Space 3 Launch Trailer Features Genesis

Being about a week away from the release of Dead Space 3 on February 5th, Visceral and EA want to make sure that you are getting really excited for the upcoming entry in the series. To help tide you over while you wait, they have released the Dead Space 3 launch trailer titled “Take Down The Terror”. If you aren’t a fan of the band Genesis, then the ‘terror’ you’ll want to take down in this trailer will be Phil Collin’s magnum opus.

I personally think that the track is very fitting for the stylized trailer and lends a very cool feel as Isaac crests the ridge and sees the marker, but don’t take my word for it. Check out the trailer below. I know I’ve already watched it a few times myself.

I’ll be spending this week immersing myself in Dead Space 3 for our review and this trailer has me eager to see what the full game has in store. Be sure to check out our Dead Space 3 hands on preview as well as our full length, in-depth interview with senior producer David Woldman and even a talk on it in today’s Bad Gamers. Stay tuned for our full review next week!

Does Phil Collins do it for you? Does the trailer blow your mind? Or are you convinced that the game is going to be terrible? Let us know what you think of the trailer and your thoughts on Dead Space 3 in general in the comments below.