Bad Gamers: Ep 18 – Dead Space 3 Hands on and a Special Guest

In this week’s episode of Bad Gamers, we bring you a special hands on look at Dead Space 3 and a first ever appearance by a man as hard as they come, Chandler Wood.

On top of discussing Dead Space 3‘s single and multiplayer features, the Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan (with special guest) talk about the layoffs at SuperBot Entertainment, the THQ buyout, Kingdom Hearts, The Last of Us, and so much more. So make sure to listen in, and let us know if you would like to see more Wood on the show, or if he gave you a splinter.

Download more Wood jokes than you can handle



Are you going to pick up Dead Space 3? What did you think of the first threesome episode? Do you think Dead Island Riptide will be as awesome as Dan thinks? Have you ever broken a controller while playing a game? Let us know in the comments, or by tweeting Seb why John McClane kicks ass, and why we should fear the British to Dan and Chandler.

Be sure to email DR ideas, podcast comments and tips on playing with our new Wood to [email protected].