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Kingdom Hearts VR Experience Release Date

Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience Gets Hit With Another Delay

Relive the delayed memories.

Kingdom Hearts 3 update

Kingdom Hearts III Update Schedule Tells When The Epilogue and Secret Video Are Coming

Memory Archive will be available via a day one patch.

kingdom hearts 3 keyblades

Here are Some Sweet High-Res Renders of Kingdom Hearts III’s New Keyblades

Why doesn’t Sora just get a giant key ring and swing the whole set around?

Kingdom Hearts 3 preorder

Kingdom Hearts III Preorder and Merchandise Guide

Kingdom Hearts III is just around the corner, make sure you get your preorder bonuses and merchandise ready for launch day.

kingdom hearts games ranked

Kingdom Hearts, the Story so Far, Games Ranked

I didn’t have a heart for some of these.

Kingdom Hearts 3 trophies

Kingdom Hearts III Trophies Have Been Revealed

Beware of spoilers when looking at the list.

kingdom hearts 3 toy story world

Tetsuya Nomura Wouldn’t Make Kingdom Hearts III Without Pixar’s Inclusion

He’s got a friend in all of us.

Adorable Kingdom Hearts III Funko Vinyls Coming Your Way Soon

These are so adorable, you might be tempted to buy them all.

kingdom hearts 3 engine

Tetsuya Nomura Sheds More Light on Kingdom Hearts III Engine Change and Subsequent Delays

It set development back by a whole year.

kingdom hearts 3 delays

Kingdom Hearts III Director Explains Its Lengthy Delays

What’s more complicated: the game’s development or the game’s story?

kingdom hearts 3 disney worlds

Kingdom Hearts III Director Says There are No ‘Surprise Disney Worlds’

Sorry for those hoping for a Mary Poppins world.

kingdom hearts 3 file size

Here’s How Much Space Kingdom Hearts III Will Take up on Your PS4

Over a decade’s worth of waiting wrapped up in a single number.

PSLS Game of the Year awards 2018 Most anticipated game of 2019

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Game of the Year 2018 Awards – Most Anticipated Game of 2019 Winner

Which of next year’s games do we want the most?

Kingdom Hearts VR Experience Release Date

Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience Delayed Until January

Still coming out before Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts Twitter

The Kingdom Hearts Twitter Account Has Mysteriously Vanished

Is this marketing or a mistake?

Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer

Kingdom Hearts III Final Battle Trailer Gives Us More Gameplay and Plenty of Drama

Time to “face your fears.”

kingdom hearts 3 leaks

Kingdom Hearts III Leaks Making Rounds Online, Prompting Statement From Tetsuya Nomura

This article is spoiler-free.

kingdom hearts 3 ps4 pro bundle

Kingdom Hearts III’s Stylish Limited Edition PS4 Pro Bundle Is a GameStop Exclusive

It releases in North America and Europe on January 29, 2019.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshots

Kingdom Hearts III Shows Off More Disney Magic

Some dynamic duos here.

Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience Release Date Revealed

Get up close with Sora.