Daily Reaction

Daily Reaction Remastered

Daily Reaction: HD Remastered Edition – Does Recycled Content Hurt the Industry?

Not all remakes are bad.

BG 62

Bad Gamers: Ep 62 – Games, New Beginnings and Things to Come

Something new, something old and something borrowed.

Solid Kaz

Bad Gamers: Ep 61 – MGSV: Ground Zeroes, Live Streaming and Next-Gen Console Sales

Kaz? KAZ?!


Bad Gamers: Ep 60 – Xbox Adverts, PlayStation Now and The End of Daily Reaction.

Now what?

Joel Oscar

Daily Reaction: Stupid Gaming Tropes That Hold Back The Industry as a Medium

The I stands for intelligence.

CES Now Maintenance

Daily Reaction: PlayStation Now, Now

Summer is not now.


Bad Gamers: Ep 59 – PS4 Exclusive, PSN Down and Steam Sales

Help us Captain Newfoundland, you are our only hope!


A Daily Reaction Christmas

Sexy images inside.


Bad Gamers: Ep 58 – PS4 Party Crash: Twitch, War Thunder, Amazon

Guest Starring A Singing Canadian Stripper DJ.


Daily Reaction: Updates and Fixes Sony Should Include in the Next PS4 Firmware Update

We’ve been good, we swear.

Fallout Series

Daily Reaction: Sequels Vs. New IPs – Where Do You Stand?

Old is the new new.


Daily Reaction: Penny Arcade and the Diversity Initiative…Initiative

Separation Anxiety.


Bad Gamers: Ep 57 – Unfinished Business

Full Steam ahead.


Daily Reaction: A Friday the 13th Spectacular

It’s a mad world.

TLoU FamilyPhoto

Daily Reaction: Gaming vs Life

A weirdly happyish DR.


Daily Reaction: Getting an NSA Killstreak

Everyone that reads this gets on a database.



Now with more X2C.


Bad Gamers: Ep 55 – Versus Edition

Seb’s bad news.


Bad Gamers: Ep 54 – The Game Show

No clue.

Nextgen Fail

Daily Reaction: PS4 and Xbox One Launch Failure

Settle down.