Ask PSLS: How Much Would you Pay for a PS4?

Since we don’t miss an opportunity to include PS4 in our titles, we’ll be doing three PS4-themed Ask PSLSes in a row after you asked for it. To start us off, we wanted to focus on a very important aspect of the PlayStation 4 – the price.

So, we poised the question to the PlayStation LifeStyle Staff, “How Much Would You Pay For a PS4?”

Anthony Severino – In a League of His Own (@Sev_Anthony)

In order to avoid having another unsellable console at launch, I’d prefer if the PS4 wasn’t priced $599 like the PS3. However, I wouldn’t mind paying $499 in order to keep the thing packed with cutting edge tech—with an entry-level $399 model available.

But that’s just me. I prefer to pay a higher price for better quality products, and my home console is no different. That all said, if I stop being selfish for a minute, the PS4 would be better off releasing at $349 with a more expensive $399 model. This way, the install rate climbs at a faster pace, which will pay off in the long run with more support.

Chandler Wood – News Writer (@FinchStrife)

The problem is that my willingness to pay will largely depend on the feature-set that the PS4 is set to include. I expect it to be a stellar system, building on everything that Sony learned from this gen, but I also think that the jump from 3 to 4 will not be as vast as the change from 2 to 3 was, meaning that the price point should not be anywhere near the PS3’s $599 entry point upon launch.

Personally I am expecting the PS4 to launch at a price of no more than $399 in order to remain competitive and secure Sony’s place in the next-gen market, and I would have no problem paying that if current rumors about the system’s specs and features pan out. Though obviously I would prefer it to be less if possible.

Dan Oravasaari – Sebastian’s Lapdog (@FoolsJoker)

The original price tag for the PS3 was a bit ridiculous, but the system was still the cheapest entry into the Blu-ray market, so I feel the price was justifiable. As was no surprise to anyone, the price was significantly higher than the average consumer was willing to pay, which is a mistake I do not see Sony making again.

Realistically, I do not have a maximum price tag, and if Sony did once again price themselves out of the market to a point where I could not afford the system, I would work towards purchasing one if I felt it was worth it. I have purchased every PlayStation console on day one, and hope to continue doing so with each new generation.

Jason Dunning – Lead News Writer (@Jasonad21)

As someone who bought a PS3 shortly after launch and spent just shy of $700 to get it (damn exchange rate!), only to barely touch it, Blu-ray player and all, I’d say my max is around $500. If the PlayStation 4 is just an upgrade graphically over the PS3, and doesn’t offer much in the way of innovation or cool features, I may not be able to allow myself to spend more than $400.

This will all probably be thrown out the window as I’ll likely be getting a PS4 at launch for PSLS, but I hope not to spend more than $500.

Jesse Meikle – News Writer (@Jesse_WM)

I’m a reckless, irresponsible, game glorifying man-child. The real question isn’t what I will pay for the PlayStation 4 – it’s what I’ll be able to justify spending to my beautiful ball ‘n’ chain fiancee. Honestly, I feel like $400 would be a wonderfully fair price-point, and, likely what Sony’s targeting as-well.

Anything higher than $450 would annoy me, but, likely still find a purchase from this sad shell of a soul. After all, I combined my Christmas, and birthday gifts/money from all of my family and friends when I was a literal child, in order to get a PlayStation 3 under my family’s X-mas tree. So, now that I’m making a decent income, I wouldn’t feel too bad about paying a high price for a powerful system.

Louis Edwards – Writer (@ftwrthtx)

When the PS3 first launched, paying $600 for this new technology seemed a little steep, but at the same time it was also one of the most affordable Blu-ray players n the market. It was an entry fee not only to the next generation of gaming, but for those of us that had an HD TV, it was also an entry fee into HD movies. The PS4 is unlikely to be bringing anything new to the table comparable to what the PS3 brought, so anything over $350 would be a stretch for me, personally. Does that mean if its price point is $399 or more that I’ll wait for a price drop? Probably not, but paying as much as I paid for a launch PS3 would be out of the question.

Sebastian Moss – Captain Britain (@SebMoss)

I’ll need a PS4 for PSLSing, but assuming that wasn’t an issue, I’d pay a pretty penny for the PS4. Considering the first party support the PS3 has received, I’d be foolish not to be excited for the PS4. As long as what’s under the hood is worthy of the price tag, I’d even be willing to pay the $833 I had to shell out this gen.

I better start saving.

Vivas Kaul – Writer (@VivasKaul)

What would I pay for a PS4? Somewhere between $200-$300 bucks. However, I’m sure that’s a pipe dream so I bet I’ll end up spending around $300-$400. But if Sony shows up and E3 and says it’ll be $600 again….no way…count me out.

How much would you pay for a PS4? Let us know in the comments below. If you happen to have a question you want us to answer in a future installment of Ask PSLS, feel free to throw that in as well.