Madden NFL 14 is Officially Titled Madden NFL 25, Announced for PlayStation 3 and 360, Not Vita

We reported yesterday that Madden NFL 14, the 25th anniversary of the franchise, would be arriving on August 27th, 2013, but EA has come out and the official name of this years Madden will be Madden NFL 25.

To help choose who will be featured on the game cover, a fan vote will begin on Monday, March 11th over at There will be two different brackets where you can cast your votes, one with 32 all-time greats and one with 32 current greats, then the winners of each bracket will face off in the final round.

In talking about Madden 25, Cam Weber, General Manager of American Football at EA Sports, had this to say:

There’s no better way to celebrate and mark the culmination of 25 years of innovation than by naming this year’s game Madden NFL 25. This year’s game will push the boundaries with gameplay and feature innovations that will lay a very strong foundation for the next 25 years of this storied franchise.

Anthony Stevenson, Senior Director of Marketing at EA Sports, then talked about the cover vote:

It’s great to be back with another year of the award-winning Madden NFL Cover Vote for a brand-new game that will be the deepest and most innovative in the history of the franchise when it launches in August. This year we’re posing the ultimate question of who’s more deserving; one of the NFL’s all-time greats or one of today’s hottest players?

It was also shown that Madden NFL 14 is currently scheduled to only hit the PlayStation 3, and not the PlayStation Vita, for $59.99. It’s always possible that this could change, but as of right now, don’t get your hopes up for a Vita version.

Will you be picking up Madden NFL 25 and adding to the 99 million units sold and $3.7 billion in revenue for the franchise? Let us know in the comments below.