Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender is This Week’s Free PS Mobile Game

Now on our fourth week of free PS Mobile titles (only two more to go!), Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender from Tikipod can now be downloaded at no extra charge until Tuesday, February 12th.

If the name seems a little strange to you, maybe the official game description will shed some light on it for you:

Due to a sudden shortage of milk, cats around the world are forced to seek out new sources to get their fix.

You and your team of milk mining kittens have overcome a fear of water to drill down under the ocean seabed and begin extracting vast reserves of what seems to be naturally forming full-fat milk.

Get ready for fast paced submarine action, defending the kittens from disruptive mechanical sea creatures.

The milk must flow!

Dugan Jackson, founder of Tikipod, talked about which games influenced him when making Aqua Kitty:

A lot of games from my younger years certainly have influences on Aqua Kitty. Amiga games like Turrican, Rainbow Islands, New Zealand Story – as well as late ’80s arcade games such as R-Type, Raiden, Mr Heli and In The Hunt – all great examples of fantastic pixel art design which have fed back into my own art style over the years.

In terms of gameplay, we have a few nods to old classics – like the depth based weapon system was an idea that stemmed from Rainbow Islands’ gem creation mechanic. You also may have spotted similarities in the smart bomb weapon to the yellow bomb type in Raiden.

After playing a little bit of Aqua Kitty on my Vita, I can say that it is a fun side-scrolling shooter, worth downloading and giving a try. If you still aren’t convinced though, check out this gameplay teaser to see what you can expect:

Will you be getting Aqua Kitty? Let us know in the comments below.