Oxenfree, Curses N Chaos & Aqua Kitty Getting Limited Physical Releases This Month

After ending 2016 with Lone Survivor, Limited Run Games will be kicking off 2017 with a trio of games this month.

Curses N Chaos for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita will be available on January 27, while Oxenfree for PS4 and Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender DX for PS4 and PS Vita are set to launch at an unspecified time this month. There will be limited supplies on each title (Firewatch, for example, only had 4,800 copies up for grabs on LRG’s site).

2017 will also see physical releases of Dragon Fantasy: Volumes of Westeria and Plague Road from Limited Run Games.

Here’s a look back at what Limited Run Games offered in 2016:

On Facebook, Limited Run Games said they’ve stepped up their customer service support and they’re aiming to have every order fulfilled in at least 10 business days. “In January we will roll out a customer loyalty program that will reward you the more you purchase from us. Each game purchase will earn a ticket that can later be redeemed for exclusive rewards,” they added. “More details on this soon!”

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