“No Plans” to Release Skyrim on the PSN, Dragonborn DLC has 10 Trophies

After not knowing just how much The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s Dragonborn would be when it launched on the PlayStation Network later today in North America, we can now say that it will be sold $9.99 during launch week, with a regular price of $19.99 after that.

The 50% one week discount will then continue with Hearthfire on the 19th (NA)/20th (EU) and Dawnguard on the 26th (NA)/27th (EU). In the interest of fairness though, it is worth pointing out that all of the Skyrim DLC is scheduled to be half off on the Xbox 360 next week, meaning that the sale isn’t PS3 exclusive.

As for file size on Dragonborn, Matt Grandstaff, Global Community Lead at Bethesda, said that we can expect it to be around 900MB. If true, that would make it over 100MB bigger than the Xbox 360 version. Also, for trophies, he said there would be 10 in total, which lines up with the amount of achievements on Xbox.

Finally, for anyone who would like to own a digital copy of Skyrim, Matt also said that there are, “Currently there’s no plans for a digital release on the store. If that changes, we’ll let people know.” So, based off that, don’t expect to be able to download Skyrim anytime soon.

How big do you think the Skyrim file would be if it came to the PSN? Let us know in the comments below.

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